How do you rate Mini Rodini?

Well we recently asked what our customers thought of Mini Rodini. Sometimes to helps to hear it from another Mum. Never heard of Mini Rodini? Well Mini Rodini hails from Sweden and is a uber cool and funky label that produces the majority of its collection in organic cotton. The label is known for its quirky and playful prints that are simplistic as much as they are Scandinavian. Many of the Mini Rodini styles are unisex meaning that they can look cool on a boy or a girl. This is a great label if you daughter is a little sporty, edgy or just a plain tom boy!

Sounds good well here is what Anita and Elvie, two Aussie Mums who shop at cornflowerblue has to say……

Anita recently purchased the red Torrino Sweater

“Just wanted to let you know that we love the mini rodini label -great organic clothing, super funky designs and so wearable. my daughter loves the torrino sweater and gets lots of compliments 🙂 Anita”

Here is what Elvie has to say about the Cat Tee

“I’ve only just discovered Mini Rodini recently and the first purchase I made from this label was the Cat Print Tee.

What an awesome tee it is! The quality is fantastic and the print is super cute and stylish. My daughter Lily always gets lovely comments and enquiries about her cat tee when she wears it and since she’s obsessed with cats that’s quite frequent. I love seeing her wear it and it always makes me smile when I’m hanging it on the washing line and I’m still smiling while I’m ironing it! 🙂 A lovely tee that brings alot of happiness and smiles to everyone who sees these three magical cats!

I’m really impressed with this international label, the designs are interesting and different to what I usually see. I would definately purchase this label again and I’m looking forward to seeing the future designs of Mini Rodini.”

At cornflowerblue we stock Mini Rodini all year around. Being a European label we stock their summer collection in Winter and vice versa. That said a lot of the pieces are trans-seasonal making them perfect for many parts of Australia.While Summer is just around the corner in Australia -come mid September we will be loading the Mini Rodini Winter collection.

Check out Mini Rodini now at cornflowerblue


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