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State of Green is an online eco boutique showcasing beautiful products for your family and household that help you live a healthy lifestyle and tread a little lighter on our planet.  We stock everything to help your baby get a new and natural  start in life with eco nappies, sustainable timber toys and organic wraps. You can also furnish your home with artistic organic homewares, hand-thrown porcelain, bamboo tableware and more!

1. Take us through your day?

As a busy mum of three kids six and under, my day starts off dropping my eldest son off at school, and on alternate days my other son off at kindergarten. My 2 year old daughter then helps me with the orders, sending off to the post office, and off to a café for a much needed morning coffee! The rest of the day is spent juggling work and pleasure.   Many evenings are spent sending emails and checking stock levels etc once all are ticked in and fast asleep!  I do love searching for and finding great new organic and natural products, and also manage and write for  the State of Green blog showcasing some of the great products and events happening round Australia!

2. What made you choose to be involved in or support organic (environmentally friendly) or ethical products and businesses?

Being one of six children I was brought up in the 1970’s by parents who were very much believers in recycling and reusing wherever possible –both out of necessity and practicality! Our annual holidays getting in our yellow combi bus and travelling up to Byron Bay to Clarkes Beach Caravan Park, or going on bish walks in the Victorian country highplains.  I think it was through tehse trips my appreciation of the environment was born. I must admit as a young adult, living an earth friendly lifestyle was not high on the agenda. It was after having children and becoming increasingly conscious of what products I was using on my children’s skin, looking at the toys they played with and the amount of rubbish our household was suddenly producing that I had a reality check! I started looking for all manner of products for my children and household that were modern style but produced sustainably and ethically – what a hard task that was.  In a light bulb moment I thought others may be looking around as I was, and decided to launch State of Green as a one stop destination to find well made modern products that were safe and produced with sustainability and waste reduction in mind.    The State of Green blog evolved from initially writing about the designers behind the products I was sourcing, to wanting to share with others some of the excellent initiatives, events and designs that were coming out of Australia – a labour of love so to speak.

3. What exciting things do you have planned for your business this year?

I am ALWAYS on the look out for wonderful new eco products being produced, and love freshening up our store.  We also look forward to showcasing great new brands and people supporting sustainability in Australia.

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